Vertigo, ίλιγγος in Greek... lack of balance, dizziness. The instinctive attraction of the void, with a sense of gravity and its opposite, lightness, all at the same time. Loss of orientation, imbalance, a sense that everything is turned upside down.

In the solo exhibition “Vertigo”, Yannis Dimitrakis presents his latest body of work that focuses on the lack of gravity and direction in contemporary life. While transposing time from our mythological past to childhood and innocence, Dimitrakis animates the dream of exodus through the flight of birds and the galloping of horses.

Yannis Dimitrakis draws us into a world without gravity, which incorporates all the temporalities of yesterday, today, tomorrow – temporalities that coexist in all of us at any given moment. Through this gesture the artist strives to give direction, and weight to our world.